Best Players of Herrmann Guitars

Lorenzo Piccone

Lorenzo Piccone. This is an old song by Big Joe Williams from the 30′. That’s my version, played on a baritone weissenborn guitar. Hope you like it, feel free to share!

Mimmo Sparacio

Mimmo Sparacio plays a Zebrawood Princesse Model Made by Herrmann Guitars. The soundboard is made of Val di Fiemme Alpine Italian spruce.

Matteo E. Basta

Matteo E. Basta Fantastic Weissenborn player and talented singer. Good composer and executor his Folk-Rock music is very captivating.
Matteo plays a relic Val Di Fiemme spruce top and walnut back & sides Weissenborn; a mahogany tenor Weissenborn and a mahogany electric lap steel guitar.
All Herrmann Guitars.

Michele Lideo

Michele Lideo playing a Herrmann Guitars Parlor handcrafted with all solid mahogany Italian spruce braces, bone nut and saddle, hidding animal glue and opacque shellac as finish.

Matteo Toni

Matteo Toni live in the Duomo Square in Milan. Excellent Weissenborn player,  singer and poet. He is one of the most considered Weissenborn artist in Italy. Great communication to the public, a genuine and real artist.
He plays a style 1 Val Di Fiemme spruce and walnut, a mahogany teardrop, a maple electric lap steel and a 7 strings lap guitar. All Herrmann Guitars.

Gabriele Posenato

Gabriele Posenato Wine&Guitar Clan for Dokita.

Matteo Bertaccia

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