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I-Spira Weissenborn pick ups
Handmade in Italy

Price – € 280,00 installed


Brass with woodden top thumbpick for a very smooth and soft alternate bass sound.

Price – € 7,00


Ergonomic wood and brass tonebar with a roundnose for bichords andsingle strings.

Price – € 40,00 / 50,00


Armrest for Weissenborn guitars, made with precious and beautiful woods, helps your hand without touching the guitar soundboard.

Price – € 50,00

Dogal Strings

Dogal strings made in Venice, Italy.

Price – € 16,20

Tone Enhancer

The Tone Enhancer is possible on new Weissenborns and it improves volume of 20%.

The combination of: Tone Enhancer, neck holes and armrest, will give you the top of performances on your instrument.

Price € – 70,00


Mini moveable capos.

Price – € 35,00


Hardshellcases for Weissenborn and lap steel guitars. Made in Italy with the sewed logo.

Price – € 135,00

Stopmpboxes Footdrums

My stopmpboxes footddums are a continued evolution for 18 years experience and have a real bassdrum sound, combined to a rimshot under the heel. You can imagine to play with drum if you close your eyes. 

Very comfortable, like to beat on the floor. Usually my customers buy them when they hear them and i am very proud for this.

Price – € 65,00 / 95,00


Porcellaine bottlenecks for slide. Very precise sound with high definition and high quality.

Price – € 20,00

Nut Risers

Brass nut risers, fits to a regular acoustic neck.

Price – € 9,00

String Bender

String bender available for All lap steel guitar models.

 Please contact for further information.

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