Weissenborn Style 2 models

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Weissenborn Style 2 of fir and European walnut

Weissenborn Style 2, Val di Fiemme spruce top, bands and bottom,of dyed cherry wood or European walnut

PRICE – 900 euro

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Weissenborn Style 2 – Myrtle of Oregon

Weissenborn Style 2, myrtle of oregon

PRICE – 1300,00 euro

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Weiss Style 2 –  Aron Radford model

Weissenborn Style 2, Aron Radford, built completely with solid Koa, Stika spruce braces, oil finish and natural resins, bone nut, wengè bridge, indian rosewood bindings. Built with Aron Radford specifications.

PRICE – 1,700 euro

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